On Saturday, May 13th, a group of our avid scuba divers were fortunate to be able to go diving with Big Blue Unlimited. We met at Big Blue at 8am and, after gathering our gear, set off from the dock for a day of diving fun and adventure.

With beautiful calm conditions on the water, we headed out to Sandbore Channel – and, wow! It was awesome! The two divers finishing their Advanced Open Water Course jumped in first with their instructor, Marcia. Next, the rest of the group, led by Miss Rankin, jumped in and headed for the wall. Clear visibility, lots of beautiful fish, fabulous corals and even some pelagic action greeted us – and with the water temperature now warming up, this was a truly fantastic dive.

After about 50 minutes, the whole team were back on board and Roger, our captain, moved the boat to North West Point where we would be doing the second dive. With around an hour for our surface interval, everyone had time for snacks and chilling out on the boat in the sunshine. This was only interrupted by one of the team yelling ‘Dolphins!’: a most welcome, and exciting, addition to our trip. A pod of dolphins had chosen to jump out of the water near our moving boat, and then to ride the waves in the bow as we sped along. A real treat – and another reminder of just what we mean by our islands being ‘beautiful by nature’!

For the second dive, the whole group jumped in together at Amphitheatre dive site. This time we were treated to some terrific turtle action, as well as once again having clear visibility and an array of tropical sea life to enjoy. (There were also some competitive underwater races without fins – if you’ve never tried it, you should!).

Once back on the boat, we headed around the north side of the island back to Big Blue – making one quick stop at the Sailing Club regatta down at The Bight, so that Charlie could be in time to make

his race that afternoon (and he even went on to come 2nd– excellent job Charlie Downes!). It was a fabulous day of diving with a great group of students, (and we mustn’t forget to congratulate two more RATs on completing their Advanced Open Water certification: well done Charlie and Naryan!).

Hopefully we will get to blow more bubbles next month – if you’re a certified diver and would like to be part of the scuba club, contact Miss Rankin: trankin@bwic.tc.