December 3, 2017, Student Council Dive Club

Weekend dive 

Although pretty cold, our Sunday dive was incredible!

After meeting at South Side Marina at 8am, we kitted up and boarded Chuck’s Mate to head out to North West Point.

The first dive, at Black Coral Garden, brought us just feet away from Caribbean reef sharks, from left to right lots of healthy lobster (thanks to the ‘closed season’!) and we even got a good look at a Moray Eel – it was quite breathtaking.

After our surface interval, filled with chatter about the previous dive, and eating lots of snacks to replenish our energy! we got ready for the second dive. This time we were at Coral Stairway – and lucky for us, it brought again, more sharks! Added to that, we even saw a large stone crab. In my opinion though, the thing that I found most thrilling to see was a stingray gliding so effortlessly through the water right beneath us.

I had so much fun this Sunday, getting to dive with fellow friends and schoolmates, I would like to thank Provo Turtle Divers and Miss Rankin for such a great dive. We are all looking forward to the next one (and maybe Thomas will wake up this time!).