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Kayaking Adventures

On Friday, 23rd February, week 6 with our RATs team, we went out on a kayaking trip with Ms. Rankin and Don Stark (the chairman of the TC Reef Fund). The weather was beautiful (although a little windy) and the water was a bit cooler than we had expected but still able to show off its awesome turquoise colour all afternoon. Ernacio, from SURFside Academy, was at the Shipyard to meet us with our kayaks. First, we chose our partners and then, with Ernacio’s help, we started getting our equipment ready.

As partners, we lifted our kayaks into the water and hopped in. Then the fun really began: we turned right and started paddling up the Long Bay canal, ending up by SURFside instructor Nic’s house about an hour and a half later. Along the way, we saw red and black mangroves and said hello to some people on their boats. Some pairs also managed to collect garbage from the mangroves. We also saw several turtles pop up to say hello!

Fortunately, we collected a lot of the rubbish from the bushes. Unfortunately, there was a lot of rubbish in the bushes that was beyond our reach – but chances are, we will go back!

This week was a lot of fun! I cannot wait for even more exciting excursions to come (fingers crossed the weather is on our side next week and we can head out diving!).

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