Year 11 Book Return and Documentation Requests
7th June 2022
Year 11 students have been gently reminded today that they are expected to return all school textbooks this week. As they return these books to each of the teachers that distributed them, they must have the teachers sign the Book Return Form given to them by Mrs. Malcolm.
The last opportunity to return books, to have the form signed, and to return the completed form to Mrs. Malcolm is THIS FRIDAY, 10th June. Failure to return the form or to hand back books will activate the next stage, which will be for the school to bill parents. 

All school accounts must be settled in order to graduate, and for Cambridge examination results and school records (transcripts or references) to be released.

We would like to remind you that the Collegiate closes for the summer at midday on Friday 24th June. Any documents needed from the Principal must have been requested in advance, authorised, and processed so that they can be collected before then. Friday 24th June is for collecting requested documentation only – not for making requests. Staff will not be available to create or process documents during the summer vacation.

Those students needing documentation, but who miss the Friday 24th June deadline, will have to wait until Thursday 8th September when BWIC re-opens for the new school year.Parents/Guardians – please have your Yr11 child act now so that they do not leave matters until the last moment.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. I wish all Yr11 examination students good luck with their final IGCSEs this week.

With very best regards,
Anthony WilkinsonVice-Principal