Inter-School Softball Tournament

Softball mania hits our island this week, with our girls’ team slogging it out at the downtown baseball stadium on Wednesday, Thursday and, hopefully, in the finals on Friday. It is amazing how a team’s morale can be lifted by enthusiastic shouts and applause from the grandstand. It makes their efforts all the more worthwhile when they know they are appreciated. If you are available, even if – and ESPECIALLY IF your child is not playing, please do come along and offer your support. We have a number of young girls representing the Collegiate this year, and I know they would really love for you to be there to cheer them on.

BWIC vs MBHS (Grp B)     Wed 25 Jan     1245 – 1345
BWIC vs HJRH  (Grp B)     Wed 25 Jan     1515 – 1615
BWIC vs WMHS (Grp B)    Thurs 26 Jan    1400 – 1500

3rd Place Play Off Grp A vs Grp B  Fri 27 Jan  1200 – 1300
2nd Place Play Off Grp A vs Grp B  Fri 27 Jan  1315 – 1445

FINAL 1st Grp A vs 1st Grp B   Fri 27 Jan  1500 – 1700

“Batter, batter, batter, batter, SWING, batter! SWING!” :)

Year 8 Parents’ Evening

There will be a Year 8 Parents’ Evening on Thursday 9th February, beginning at 5.00pm in Brayton Hall.