The School uniform must be worn in school hours, on the journey to and from school, and on other occasions as directed by the staff.

To order uniforms please send in this order form to collettecoty@gmail.com

Students wear their house shirts every Friday with jeans or shorts. House shirts can be purchased directly from the reception office.

A high standard of personal appearance is expected at all times.

All male students (other than sixth form) must wear navy blue trousers. These must be worn with a belt. They should wear a white, collared, button-front shirt or alternative blue shirt supplied by the school. The shirt must be tucked into the trousers so that the belt is visible. The school tie must be worn covering the top button of the shirt.

All female students (other than sixth form) must wear a plaid skirt purchased from the school and a white, collared and buttoned blouse with the school tie. Sleeveless blouses are not allowed. The skirt must be knee-length and the blouse tucked in. The knot of the tie must cover the top button of the blouse.

Sixth form students should wear professional-looking attire, in discreet colours. For males, such attire includes a collared and buttoned shirt and a tie, and belted trousers. For female students it includes a skirt of appropriate length with a blouse, a dress of appropriate length, or tailored trousers with a blouse.

All students should wear shoes and socks. It is permissible to wear smart trainers in white, black, blue, or grey. Sandals, flip-flops and clogs are not allowed. All shoes must be clean and undamaged.

Male students may not have hair that touches the collar, braids, or a shaved head. Female students with hair below the collar must keep it tied back. Outlandish hairstyles or ostentatious hair adornment are not allowed. Facial hair is allowed in the 6th Form provided it is kept short and trimmed.

No cosmetics are permitted to be worn, except for colourless nail polish and protective makeup/lip balm.

Students may wear no more than one ring on each hand and one bracelet. Female students may also wear one pair of small stud earrings. Any such jewelry must not be conspicuous or tatty. No other ring, bracelet, earring, necklace, stud, piercing, tattoo or other adornments of the body or clothing shall be worn, unless the student’s parents or guardians have first obtained the express permission of the Principal on the basis of religious, cultural or family considerations, and the student keeps the adornment out of sight at all times. Any permitted jewelry or adornment that is removable shall be removed during physical education and sports.

No student will be allowed to do physical education unless they are wearing a Collegiate P.E. shirt and appropriate shorts. Students who fail to comply will be detained in the classroom and given extra assignments to complete. Students should wear a baseball cap outside during P.E. activities.