8 September 2023

The first short week of the new school year has come to an end. We have welcomed back to school our new students and returning students alike, and the excitement and eagerness of your children is almost tangible as we settle down to the joyful work of teaching and learning.

Our students, with only minor exceptions, look great in their uniform. We do expect the high standards set to be maintained throughout the year. Thank you, parents, for your sacrifices and efforts to make this possible.


As you know, we have a safe ‘drop off and go’ circuit in place in the morning. All parent traffic must restrict speed to 5 MPH (walking speed), please, and follow the complete circuit into and out of the school grounds. Our students must be dropped off at the Brayton Hall steps, where there is staff supervision for safety purposes. Please do not park in the turning space beyond the steps as this obstructs the egress of traffic and delays people as they head off for work. In the afternoon, parents may park their vehicles as they await our students; however, please do not park in any turning areas, or where traffic needs to flow. Thank you for following the directions of any teacher who is on traffic duty. It is not an easy job!


Mrs Pansy Quant and her team operate the school canteen, which will be open from Monday. A digital order form is sent out by email to all students the weekend before each new week, so that parents may order and pay in advance for hot meals that students select. All pre-ordered food must be paid for, even if it is not collected from the canteen by the student. Meals may be paid for on the day, but only in cash at the canteen. Card payments on the day cannot be taken.


On Thursday 14 September from 5.00 to 7.00PM there will be an opportunity for parents to meet the Principal and staff in Brayton Hall. The purpose of the meeting is to get to know one another. There will be more formal meetings between parents and teachers scheduled throughout the year.


As we are still ‘in season’ for emergency weather events, please remain alert to messages from the school concerning any closures or changes to the daily schedule. In general, we will contact you by email through this medium (sender.net) and via our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/BWICT). In any situation when we need students to be collected urgently from school, we will endeavour to reach all parents by telephone call. Thank you for noting this.


We will soon be sending out a summary of school events for September. Please look out for this. Our Key Dates and 2023-2024 School Calendar are attached here for you to save.


Fridays are special to our school week in that they are ‘dress down’ days when students are permitted to wear PE uniform, with trainers, since they have activities in the afternoon. Fridays are also special as it is our traditional ‘Pizza Day’, when pizza is sold at lunchtime as a fund raiser. One slice costs $4; two slices for $6.

Thanking you for your support and collaboration,

Best regards,
Anthony Wilkinson