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RATs week 10:  At the Amanyara Cinema

On March 24th the RATs team took a break from all the diving and the clean ups and went to watch Turtle: The Incredible Journey in the Amanyara’s movie cinema. This cinema is in fact the only one on the island, so despite it being quite a small cinema, it was a exciting to actually be in a cinema at all! And it is quite different to the old movie theater here on island: It has leather recliner chairs – and lots of free drinks and snacks!

The movie was about the tough journey of a loggerhead turtle. In the movie, cameras closely follow the loggerhead turtle around the Atlantic Ocean throughout its life, starting from the turtle escaping the beach in Florida where it was born, to the turtle coming back to the same beach on which it was born to lay its eggs twenty years later. Really it is an ‘incredible journey’; the cinematography really captures the dangers and enormity of the ocean for this tiny, growing turtle.

After the movie, the RATs team were invited to play a bit of soccer with some of the kids staying at Amanyara and the visiting TCIFA coaches. The weather wasn’t favourable but we still managed to enjoy ourselves. We did some drills with two of the TCIFA’s coaches and played a little match after. Some of the kids played better than most of the RATs team!

A very different day for our team but a very enjoyable one.

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