Principal’s Message

Welcome to the British West Indies Collegiate in The Turks and Caicos Islands. We hope that this online resource will provide you with useful information and, if you are a prospective parent, assist you in confidently arriving at a decision to enrol your child in our school. Since the Collegiate started in 1993, we have sought to make the school a secure and caring, yet demanding, place of learning for all our students.

We provide an environment where students work hard, teachers give individual attention to each child, and parents are consulted and informed on all matters affecting their child.

Mutual respect, courtesy and trust are evident at every level throughout the school. Warmth and safety, firm but fair discipline and co-operation, best describe our environment. This is a school where people matter and where the ‘whole’ child is considered. To contribute to each student’s academic and social development is the primary focus of our efforts. We seek not only to enhance their knowledge and skills, but also to guide them through becoming responsible citizens, equipped with self-confidence, a sense of democratic values, and a pluralistic view of the diverse world.

Such a statement may sound abstract, and these pages can only tell you so much, but if you wish to visit the Collegiate I would be pleased to arrange for you to meet staff and see classes in action, sylvie wigglesworth, Principal, British West Indies Collegiate Turks and Caicos Islandsand to tell you more about our school.

I look forward to welcoming you as part of our community in the near future.

Sylvie Wigglesworth – Principal.