Pi Day

Congratulations to the BWIC students who gave their all for PI Day, 3.14.

The BWIC students enjoyed the numerous Pi Day activities organised by the Mathematics Department last Wednesday, March 14. The day culminated with the exciting Pi House Quiz and The Pi Recital, where students competed to see who could recite pi from memory, to the largest number of digits. Well done to all those who participated and a special mention to the following students.

Pi Recital – Year 7

  • 1st place: Jayda – 83 digits
  • 2nd Place: Joshua – 81 digits
  • 3rd place: Erline – 71 digits

Pi Recital -Year 8

  • 1st place: Orzario – 159 digits
  • 2nd Place: jaimi – 98 digits
  • 3rd place: Shandia – 65 digits

Pi Recital -Year 13

  • 1st place: Darius – 100 digits
  • 2nd Place: Nichole – 72 digits
  • 3rd place: Ella – 83 digits

Pi T-shirt competition – Year 6 – Judged by Mr Wilkinson and Ms Chapman

  • 1st place: Samuel
  • 2nd Place: Madelon
  • 3rd place: Rhyan

Pi T-shirt competition – Year 7 – Judged by Mr Wilkinson and Ms Chapman

  • 1st place: Selin
  • 2nd Place: Saraj
  • Joint 3rd place: Kaden, Annabel, Emma

Pi Baking competition:

  • 1st place: La Neyah
  • Joint 2nd Place: Demari, Jaimi

Thank you to Ms Delancy and the Mathematics Department for organising this fun filled day.