BWIC Student Council Packaging for Food For Thought Breakfast Programme

On Wednesday the 8th of November, the BWIC Student Council, in collaboration with Sixth Form students, packaged over 12,000 granola bars and 8,000 fruit cups. This crazy afternoon, where the Common Room was turned into something resembling a frenetic factory, involved students from across the school helping the charity Food for Thought with their difficult task of distributing food to local school children. The Student Council’s involvement came after our successful collaboration with the non-profit organization last month when classes collected donations of clothes, toys, sanitary items and food items in aid of hurricane relief.

Food for Thought has an on-going programme to ensure every child in local school is provided with a breakfast; our efforts to help with packaging up these items will definitely help in ensuring these food items reach the appropriate schools. Goods were packaged on the Wednesday and Thursday by our students, then collected and delivered to their nine destinations by Food for Thought volunteers: Clement Howell HS, Long Bay HS, Enid Capron PS, Ianthe Pratt PS, Osetta Jolly PS (at ECG Youth Centre), Osetta Jolly (at Gus Lightbourne Stadium), Iris Stubbs PS, Marjorie Basden HS and Ona Glinton PS.

The Student Council would like to thank Food for Thought for providing us with the opportunity to help in this initiative (and for the Turkberry donuts sent as a reward for our efforts!). We look forward to working on future projects with the community as, despite the hard work, we proved that team efforts can be a lot of fun!