October Calendar, School Traffic, Fundraising

2nd October 2023

Thank you to all those parents that attended this year’s opening meeting of the Parent and Teachers Association. It was a very productive meeting from which sound organistion and initiatives will quickly develop.

October calendar…

Please find attached our school calendar for the month of October. Do note the many internal events we have planned, especially the Parent Teacher Evenings coming up for Years 7 and 11.

A serious word about school traffic…

We have traffic circuits in place to allow the safe drop off of students in the morning, and the safe collection of students in the afternoon. The two circuits are distinct, and parents must be familiar with the details so as not to be confused or to cause obstruction and delay in the car park. Please also appreciate that by collaborating with our circuit arrangements, we remove 375 metres (410 yards) of peak-hour traffic from Venetian Road. If necessary, our circuit may be extended around the tree to the rear of Brayton Hall. In essence:

  • The speed limit on school campus is always limited to 5 MPH (walking pace)
  • In the morning, use the Brayton Hall zone for STOP, DROP and GO!
  • There is to be no diagonal parking within the circuit during morning drop off. Any parent needing to visit the school office first thing must park alongside the fence, or in the staff/visitor section of the car park.
  • In the afternoon, parent drivers must park where indicated around the traffic circuit, and within the parking bays where provided. They must NOT, however, park at the front of the school in the section reserved for staff/visitors.
  • At dismissal time, senior students are to be collected from the parking zone closest to Room 6. Junior students are to be collected from the parking zone closest to Brayton Hall.
  • The two turning areas must be kept clear of traffic at all times. They are NOT for parking.
  • Drivers are expected to be civil and compliant with duty staff at all times; drivers who are not, or who repeatedly flaunt our traffic arrangements, will be contacted and may find their campus access privileges withdrawn. We hope that this measure never becomes necessary.



As a caring, sharing school we are proud to support various charities and to nurture in our learning community a sense of social awareness, community responsibility, collaboration, and generosity. This month, apart from the regular internal fundraisers, we have appeals on behalf of Breast Cancer and Food for Thought. Your kind attention to these, as well as to the Coastal Clear-up, is most appreciated.

Not forgetting…

World Teachers’ Day on 5th October, and our National Heritage WEEK from 10th to 13th October.

Best regards,
Anthony Wilkinson, Vice-Principal

British West Indies Collegiate calendar for October 2023