School Calendar 2022-23
Updated Jan 2023.
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School Calendar 2022-23
Updated Jan 2023.
Download here

Chelsea Stubbs 2019 Top in Cambridge exams chemistry

BWIC top student in 2020, Chelsea Stubbs achieved academic accolades.

Times of the Islands – Spring 2020

Sixth Form Food and Gift Drive

16th November 2023 As we approach our final weeks of school before the Christmas holiday, please take note of the following: Our Sixth Form will be holding a Food and Gift Drive during the period of 15th November - 1st December 2023. During this drive, the students are hoping to collect a range of items that will be distributed to organizations such as the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Provo Children's Home, as well [...]

Upcoming Events

  14th November 2023 Thanksgiving Lunch – Thursday, November 23rd The Student Council is organizing a school wide Thanksgiving Lunch on Thursday, November 23rd. The order link was sent to students last week so they could place their order. Lunch is $12 and the money is due Wednesday, November 15th.   Peer Tutoring The Sixth Form has started Peer Tutoring at lunch time. The link was sent to students, so they can select [...]

November Calendar

1st November 2023Here is the November calendar.Parent Teacher MeetingPlease note, Year 12/13 Parent-Teacher Meetings tomorrow evening from 5:00-7:00 in Brayton Hall.Internal ExamsInternal exams will be occurring November 15th – 22nd. Years 7-10 will write their exams during regular class time. Years 11-13 will write formal exams and have a shortened day ending at 12:30.A schedule will be provided shortly.Warm regards,Laura Kuzenko, Principal 

Resignation of Vice-Principal

16th October 2023 I would like to inform you that at the start of September, having returned to help the new administration begin the school year, I tended my irrevocable resignation to the Principal, Ms Laura Kuzenko, with effect from 3.30 PM this coming Friday, 20th October. After thirty-four years as a qualified, vocational educator, the last eight as Vice-Principal of British West Indies Collegiate, there is little more I can achieve here. [...]

Food for Thought

13th October 2023 Food for Thought TCI is a home-grown charity that provides free breakfasts and food parcels to 380 primary and high school students across North Caicos, Middle Caicos, South Caicos and Salt Cay. Without this help, many students would go to school hungry, undernourished, and in a poor state to learn. BWIC is proud to support Food for Thought TCI, and encourages all our students and their families to contribute to [...]

Heritage Week/Yr7 PTE

10th October 2023   HERITAGE WEEK Today marks the beginning of Heritage Week at BWIC. Here is a note from Mrs Arnth-Jensen, providing a list of activities now underway: "We are thrilled to share with you all the amazing and interesting topics the students will explore during our TCI Heritage Week celebration. In ICT, they will be designing a sculpture in Sketchup for the new airport terminal that reflects the cultural ethos of [...]

October 2023

October Calendar, School Traffic, Fundraising 2nd October 2023 Thank you to all those parents that attended this year's opening meeting of the Parent and Teachers Association. It was a very productive meeting from which sound organistion and initiatives will quickly develop. October calendar... Please find attached our school calendar for the month of October. Do note the many internal events we have planned, especially the Parent Teacher Evenings coming up for Years [...]

Parent & Teacher Association Invitation

Wednesday, September 22, 2023 at 6:00 pm Thank you to the many parents who attended yesterday's Meet and Greet event in Brayton Hall. It was a good occasion to get to know the new Principal and her staff, including the teachers that have just joined us. Please find attached an invitation from Ms. Kuzenko regarding the Parents and Teachers Association. We encourage your consideration so that we have a vibrant organisation working for [...]

Meet and Greet

12 September 2023 This Thursday 14 September, from 5.00 to 7.00 PM, there will be an opportunity for parents to meet the Principal, members of the TCI Education Foundation, and staff in Brayton Hall. While the event will undoubtedly be of interest to parents of students that are new to the Collegiate, parents of students in any year group are most welcome to attend in order to get to know our new Principal [...]

Return to School

8 September 2023 The first short week of the new school year has come to an end. We have welcomed back to school our new students and returning students alike, and the excitement and eagerness of your children is almost tangible as we settle down to the joyful work of teaching and learning. Our students, with only minor exceptions, look great in their uniform. We do expect the high standards set to be [...]

Final Week of School

Details of the Final Week of School 25th June 2023 The final week of school is built on a range of activities for all Yr 7-10 students, supervised by our teachers. Please note that no canteen facilities will be available this week. Monday - Normal school day: 7:55 am to 3:20 pm Tuesday- Beach day: 8.30am to 12.30pm Drop/collect at Flamingo café/Ricky's bar, Gracebay Wednesday- Atabeyra Boat Trip: 9.30 am to 2.00 pm [...]