March 4-5, Mock Exams

Last week, we conducted our assessment of Mock Examinations with students in Years 11, 12 and 13. All papers have now been marked, and results have been communicated to students. Photocopies of student answer papers are being prepared and will be available for collection from the school on Wednesday next. More details concerning this will be made available directly to students soon.

Immediate decisions now have to be made about Cambridge exam entries. In certain cases, teachers need to consult urgently with parents, and email messages have been sent out. We ask that all parents please read their school emails. Unless we receive a prompt reply from the parents concerned we will be obliged to make decisions independently of them.

Parents of students (and students themselves) in Year 11 are advised that there will be parent-teacher interviews on the afternoon of Thursday 18th March to discuss the recent examination results, beginning at 3.00PM and ending at 6.00PM. Appointment sheets will be sent out in due course.

Parents of students (and students themselves) in Years 12 and 13 will have their opportunity to speak with teachers in person about the recent exams on the afternoon of Thursday 25th March, from 3.00PM to 6.00PM. Appointment sheets will be sent out in due course.

Finally, a reminder to all that Monday 8th March is a public holiday (Commonwealth Day). As such, there will be no online classes that day.

Thank you for your continued understanding and collaboration.

Congratulations to our senior students for handling last week’s return to school for the Mock Examinations so well. Years 11, 12 and 13 are now advised that a second round of Mock Exams is planned for the first week back after the Easter holiday. These examinations will run from Monday 12th to Friday 16th April and will allow students to be assessed on understanding and progress made over the intervening weeks, including elements of their studies that could not be included in the first round of examinations. For Year 11, the week of examinations will follow the same structure as last week’s ‘mini-mocks’. Year 12 and Year 13 should expect to be tested on full sets of papers, which may entail a third examination session on the afternoon of each day that week.

Do appreciate that the matter of public examinations internationally has still not been completely settled. We are proceeding on the current instruction that the Summer 2021 session of Cambridge examinations mustgo ahead. Should this change, students and parents will, of course, be immediately informed and provided with details of alternative assessment arrangements.

Finally, students and their parents are reminded that all requests for teacher or school recommendations, and copies of reports and/or transcripts must be made to the Principal, and as soon as possible, so that all documentation may be completed and distributed as appropriate before the end of the school year (25th June). 

With best regards,
Mr Anthony Wilkinson