10th October 2023



Today marks the beginning of Heritage Week at BWIC. Here is a note from Mrs Arnth-Jensen, providing a list of activities now underway:

“We are thrilled to share with you all the amazing and interesting topics the students will explore during our TCI Heritage Week celebration.

  • In ICT, they will be designing a sculpture in Sketchup for the new airport terminal that reflects the cultural ethos of TCI.
  • In History, it will be all about the Queen Conch, covering the local dishes, learning the song, and researching recipes.
  • In Music, the students will be introduced to local Ripsaw music.
  • In Chemistry, Year 9 will learn all about the science behind salt raking.
  • During Physics, Year 13 will discover the TCI’s involvement in the Space Programmes.
  • In Biology, Year 12 will look at indigenous flora and fauna, while Year 11 will learn all about bush medicine.
  • Year 7 will explore the indigenous animals of the TCI.
  • In English, Year 10 students will share their own stories about their life and experiences in TCI, while Years 7 and 8 will be working on factsheets and posters about ‘Hidden treasures and gems of TCI Heritage’.
  • In Art, students will discover the flamboyant, expressive, and colourful work of an acclaimed TCI-born and raised artist, Bradley Theodore, who lives and works in NYC now and whose street art, as well as his paintings, bear witness to his Caribbean origins and the colours of TCI.

The week will be full of learning, celebration, and gratitude for the beautiful by nature TCI that we all call home.”


Please also note that we will host the Year 7 Parents and Teachers Evening in Brayton Hall this Thursday 12th October from 5.00 to 7.00 PM. Year 7 students and teachers already have appointment sheets so that parents, accompanied by their Year 7 children, can arrange to attend at a convenient time.

Thursday 19th October will see us host the Year 11 PTE. Appointment sheets for that evening will be shared soon.

Best regards,
Anthony Wilkinson