Good Luck to the BWIC Students Representing TCI  at CARIFTA

Congratulations to the seven BWIC Students who will represent the Turks and Caicos Islands at the upcoming CARIFTA games.


  • Alexis Anara   Year 9     (Coached by Mr Chapman)
  • Bryana Brown  Year 12    (Coached by Mr Ford)

The Track meet will be held in the Bahamas

Swimming:      (Coached by Jessica Soderquist of Surfside Ocean Academy)

  • Caylen Castillo  Year 7
  • Lillian Taylor  Year 7
  • Georgia Greatrex  Year 9
  • Alex MacLaren  Year 10
  • Jack Parlee  Year 11

The Swim meet will be held in Jamaica

The students have sacrificed a great deal of their time to train incredibly hard in preparation for this event. We hope they all have an enjoyable experience and we wish them much success.