First Week of School
We all have experienced a very successful first week. Despite the safety constraints, students understand how important in-person classes are to their development and are truly happy to be back. New students have settled in quickly and already seem to enjoy their different academic environment. I wish to thank all the teachers for making our students feel so welcome and conveying such a positive mood in and out of the classroom.

I also wish to thank you for your patient cooperation with staff on traffic duty when dropping off or picking up your children. Your attention to our students’ safety and other drivers is much appreciated.

Please follow the above link to order lunches from the canteen and submit your order as soon as possible.

House shirts:
New students have now been placed in Houses. House shirts will be for sale from Monday for $20.00. They can be purchased directly from the reception office. Students wear their house shirts every Friday with jeans or shorts. Afternoon activities will officially begin on Friday 1st October, as next Friday is National Youth Day and school will be closed.

Should your child have a malfunctioning or broken device, a tablet can be purchased from the reception office at a cost of $140.00.

COVID Protocols:
Please continue to encourage your child to follow the safety protocols as directed by the Ministries of Health and Education.

With best regards,

Mrs Sylvie Wigglesworth