End of Term Arrangements
22nd March 2023

We would like to remind you that Hilary Term will end next week at 3.20 PM on Thursday 30th March. This day will be a normal school day, the only exception being that it will be Jeans Day as a fundraiser for our graduating Year 11.

Term reports will be distributed by form tutors at the end of the day, as on the final day of any other term. We would like to remind parents that the school office will then be closed until Monday 17th April; all enquiries about reports not collected by absent students, or otherwise unavailable, should be addressed to Ms. Shakiera Bain, School Secretary, who will attend to them when the school office reopens after the Easter holiday. Likewise, any requests for transcripts, attendance letters, or school references must be made by Friday this week in order to be able to receive such documentation before the closing of the school office.

Finally, we would like to reassure parents of all senior students taking Cambridge exams that they are each in receipt of all details concerning the scheduling of their IGCSE, AS or A-Level assessments, as well as any special arrangements on days when a small number of students would appear to have clashes. Please have your child share these details with you, if they have not already done so, so that all necessary arrangements for travel to and pick up from school are worked out in advance.

Thank you indeed for your understanding and ongoing collaboration.

With best wishes,

Anthony Wilkinson, Vice-Principal