7th January 2022 Online Classes
We look forward immensely to the resumption of online classes from Monday, which should be interesting, engaging and fun for all. Do please note the following, however, which you should carefully reinforce with your child:

1. The normal school timetable will be followed and must be respected, including all set breaks; this will be subject to review, depending on the outcome of Government decisions on Friday 14th January, as well as other factors that may arise unexpectedly.

2. All students must meet online with their form tutor at 7.55 am each morning so that the register may be taken and to prepare students for the virtual school day ahead.

3. Each subject teacher will register their students at the start of each class. Students must be online, camera activated, at the start of each lesson and remain visibly online throughout each class.

 4. Students must participate in online learning using their correct name and their school email account. Unknown or unrecognisable would-be participants will be blocked from the lesson. 

5. Active participation will be required of all students. Students who turn off their camera, hide from the camera, cause disruption, disappear from class, or who frequently complain of inexplicable technical problems that prevent their participation will be removed from the lesson and marked absent. 

6. All assignments must be completed and returned for assessment via Google Classroom, following instructions given by each teacher concerned. All work set and assessed through the virtual classroom will count towards the Hilary Term report.

7. Any problems must be reported as soon as they occur, by email to the form tutor or Key Stage Coordinator (Mr. Haynes, Years 7, 8, 9; Mrs. Wigglesworth, Years 10, 11; Mr. Scales and Mrs. Malcolm, Years 12 and 13), as appropriate. Mr. Richards and Mr. Scales will be able to offer help and support in case of technical difficulties.

We must remain alert to Government announcements about the re-opening of island schools. One recommendation is that we upgrade the type of face masks that we use to limit the spread of Covid and its variants. Simple ‘light blue’, one-layer cloth, and bandana-type masks may no longer be effective. Important health organisations around the world now advise that we use N95 or KN95 multi-layer disposable masks.

 We invite parents to obtain a good stock of such masks for their children in advance of the re-opening of schools. We do appreciate the challenges that these arrangements may cause as families re-adjust. Thank you immensely for your understanding and ongoing support of the school as we strive to do our best for your children.
With very best regards,
Anthony Wilkinson