BWIC News Update, 20th June 2018

Trips, Work Experience, Reports

With just over a week to go before the end of the school year, things are very busy at the Collegiate, with classes being rounded off, reports being prepared, year groups involved in work experience, or on their trip to the Dominican Republic.

Last Week of School

Monday and Tuesday next week will mostly involve normal classes. Mr Chapman has devised a series of activities for Wednesday and Thursday; and Friday will involve the traditional end-of-year quiz, assembly, and distribution of reports. School will finish at midday next Friday (29th June) and all students should be collected by 12.30PM.

Travel Absences

I would like to invite any parent/guardian who has not already informed us of early family travel plans (i.e. involving their son/daughter missing school before the end of next week) to do so as soon as possible, requesting permission for their child’s absence from the Principal. This will enable us to make more exact preparations for next week.

Sad Departures

Likewise, any parent/guardian who knows that their child will not be returning to the Collegiate in September should have already informed us in writing. This ensures that we are able to prepare any requested paperwork (e.g. school transcripts) before the school office closes. Once our vacation begins, we may not be able to access records or prepare such paperwork again until key personnel are in place in late August, so please take note.

Summer Drama June 25th

Find below a copy of an invitation to attend a 7 pm play, “Light in the Dark” at the Edward Gartland Youth Centre to be presented by a school cast visiting from Antigua. All details are provided, and entrance is free.

With best regards,

Anthony Wilkinson, Vice-Principal