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Friday RATS club – Chalk Sound Champions!

This Friday the 9th of March, we went kayaking in Chalk Sound for the afternoon.

We met the guys from Surfside at the gas station so we could follow them to our launch point – we followed a long dirt track round behind the airport and out into the bush before arriving at the edge of the Sound.

It was pretty easy at the start; we followed our guide Nick and headed out to the right. We then headed more into the centre of the body of water and wove our way around some of the small islands; it was very pretty. Then we had to go across the central part – and it got a lot harder! The wind picked up and the waves got bigger. You had to fight hard to push across to the next set of small islands – and we made it. But that wasn’t the end: we still had to head to the small beach area where we were to be picked up.  It felt good to finally make it back to shore – we had kayaked about 3 miles into the wind! It was pretty tough but we had a really good time.

Sam Connolly