Cambridge Exam Students – May 5, 2022

If you have a son or daughter in Years 11, 12, or 13, please read the following attentively
Previously posted on Facebook on 23rd March

We would like to inform parents of Cambridge examination students in Years 11, 12 and 13 of several important points:

1. All Cambridge examination students have received a personalised Statement of Entry detailing the subject, date, and session (AM or PM) of each of their upcoming examinations.

2. These students have also received an indication of the start times of their exams. Morning exams will begin at 0830 precisely; afternoon exams will start at 1230 precisely. All exam students must be in school at least 30 minutes before the start time of any examination.

3. Students are aware of the Key Times of 0900 and 1300, with which our Cambridge exams must coincide for reasons of examination integrity. They have also been informed about Full Centre Supervision which must be applied whenever a student has two exams scheduled at the same time, or when the start time of a paper needs to vary from the standard schedule.

4. Students have been informed of the occasions on which the start times of any exams will be earlier or later than expected.

5. Students have been made aware of the strict Cambridge regulations regarding attendance and punctuality for exams. Any lateness or absence must be made known immediately to the school secretary and then officially certified; unlike internal school examinations, however, we will not be able to re-schedule the papers affected. In the worst case scenario, a late arrival or missed paper could cost the student an entire subject grade after two years of study.

6. Students are aware of the exam regulations concerning permitted materials, electronic devices, and malpractice. 

7. Students know that examination results will be published online by Cambridge during the summer holiday. Qualifying students will receive a user name and password to access their results. Please note, however, that Cambridge exam results and school transcripts will not be released to or on behalf of any student whose school account is in arrears unless an exceptional arrangement has been made by parents with the Principal. 

Parents are invited to share all documentation regarding the Cambridge exams with their children. Thank you for your understanding and support as we enter this extremely important phase of assessment.


The Department of Education has indicated its strongest recommendation today that all students continue to wear face masks until the end of the school year. Hand sanitisation will also continue until the term has finished. Any student with symptoms of cold or flu are instructed to remain at home until such symptoms subside.

These recommendations are issued in light of the rapid spread of the new Omicron mutation.

BWIC endorses the Department’s recommendations and asks that all students and parents kindly collaborate to keep our school community safe, especially during the more confined conditions for examinations. 

With very best regards,

Anthony Wilkinson