School Calendar 2024
Monthly Events
September January April
October February May
November March June
Key Dates
Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Term Start:
2nd of September
Term Start:
6th of January
Term Start:
22nd of April
National Youth Day:
27th of October
17th – 21st of February
Long Weekend:
22nd -23rd of May
National Heritage Day:
7th of October
Mock Exams:
24th of February – 7th of March
National Heroes Day:
26th of May
21st – 25th of October
Commonwealth Day:
10th of March
Internal Exams:
9th – 13th of June
Internal Exams:
20th – 27th of November
Work Experience (Yr 10):
31st of March – 4th of April
Valedictorian Service:
15th of June
National Day of Thanksgiving:
29th of November
Term Finish:
4th of April
Monarch’s Offical Birthday:
16th of June
Term Finish:
13th of December
Work Experience (Yr 12):
17th – 26th of June
Graduation Ceremony:
21st of June
Term Finish:
27th of June
Christmas Vacation Easter Vacation Summer Vacation