Trinity Term began today with all BWIC teachers continuing to conduct all their classes digitally. Today, we switched over our systems to Google G-Suite for Education, enabling us to have greater standardisation, as well as access to a wide range of resources so as to deliver our curriculum using a greater variety of digital tools, some face-to-face, as well as many that can be accessed ‘asynchronously’ and used offline.

All our teachers have met together online today to discuss school matters. The one that is of most immediate concern is that some of our students have not yet registered for their online classes, or are not ‘attending’ when live classes are held. We remind parents and students that participation in our online learning is not optional. This is school, and in spite of the island-wide lock down, lessons are taking place. When the continued absence of any student becomes apparent, parents will be contacted and required to provide a reason for their child’s non-participation in their digital schooling. We thank you all for your understanding of and collaboration with what remains a basic legal requirement.

You are reminded that all logins by students, and all emails to staff must be conducted using our email addresses.

Years 11, 12 and 13 students have been informed of their amended Trinity Term learning, during this period when they would normally be taking Cambridge examinations. Year 11 will be taking four ‘taster courses’, introducing them to the AS subjects that they are most likely to choose in the Sixth Form from September. Year 12 will be following introductory units to the Year 13 A-level stage of their studies. Year 13 will be mentored in the production of an individually-researched 4,000-word Extended Essay, focusing probably on a subject related to their chosen field of university study.

We still await a response from the parents of all Years 11, 12 and 13 students regarding the May 2020 Cambridge Examinations session. This is now urgent, as we have to finalise our registrations with Cambridge. This was the subject of an email sent to these students and parents last week. Would those who have not communicated their decision to Madame Wigglesworth please do so now, following the instructions provided in the letter, by sending their email to

Best regards, and stay safe!

Mr A J Wilkinson