Mission Statement

As the only school of its kind in Turks & Caicos, the Collegiate exists to contribute to our country’s economic and social development by providing our students with a progressive academic education in a safe and stimulating environment, placing them in the best possible universities worldwide, and willing them to become young citizens with a responsible, honest and altruistic character and a respect for the world in which we live.

Reach for the sky


The Collegiate’s motto is Crescat Scientia’, which means Let Knowledge Grow.

At the British West Indies Collegiate, we strive to provide a learning environment in which students are encouraged to —

  • Become active, dependable, and productive citizens, with a hunger for lifelong learning, and aspirations towards altruistic leadership
  • Be caring and responsible individuals, appreciating their own culture while remaining respectful of the perspectives, values and traditions of others
  • Feel free to question and examine without fear of belittlement or rebuke
  • Thrive from the promotion, the effective development, and the application of sound communication skills
  • Grow in confidence, mutual respect, well-being, honesty, and personal integrity within a positive and harmonious atmosphere, and in safe surroundings
  • Develop creative expression, curiosity, critical thinking and independent learning through the provision of a stimulating setting
  • Develop a sense of belonging and identity, so as to promote fellowship, co-operation and a sense of loyalty
  • Show respect for the environment and the world in which we live, beginning at school and at home.