2016 – BWIC Student Wins National Accolade

Our hearty congratulations to British West Indies Collegiate student Sanadia Forbes (Year 13) who, at a recent ceremony held in Grand Turk, received a National Honours & Award Certificate from the Turks & Caicos Islands Government for being one of the National Young Achievers in the Turks and Caicos Islands. This is an inspiration to all our students, and goes to show what can be achieved through dedication and hard work. Well done, Sanadia!

2015 – Top in AS-Level Mathematics Examination

Achsah Wildish, a student from the British West Indies Collegiate (BWIC) was presented with a prestigious award from Cambridge International Examinations after placing top in the world in AS-Level mathematics in the June 2015 Cambridge examinations.

Wilkinson said that the award recognised talent, dedication and commitment of both learners and staff. He said: “This is an outstanding achievement for Achsah. “Not only did she score 100 percent in a particularly challenging subject, representing our small school in our small island state she has surpassed the performance of students in countries such as India, China, Korea and Singapore who have tended to dominate the field of mathematics.”

Wilkinson said that Achsah was an immensely talented and well balanced young woman. “We at BWIC, and all of us in the TCI, are extremely proud of her success, and the honour and recognition she brings to these shores,” Wilkinson said.

2007 – Commonwealth Essay Competition

Each year the British West Indies Collegiate students enter their creative compositions along with approximately 6000 students from 1200 schools and 17 countries from around the world into the Commonwealth Essay Competition.

Awards are given to several age groups. In 2007 a British West Indies Collegiate student, Laure-Astrid Wigglesworth, won the top prize in the Class B category representing students aged 14-15 years old.

The English programme students at our school were proud to have one of their own take first place and also to have their photo on the back cover of the competition pamphlet!

2017 Record High Jump

Sanadia Forbes breaks TCI high jump record. Student at British West Indies Collegiate


Heartiest congratulations to Sanadia Forbes who not only won the high jump competition at last week’s athletics, but who also broke the longstanding TCI high jump record in the process. What a fabulous achievement!

Sanadia Forbes breaks TCI high jump record. Student at British West Indies Collegiate

2017 National Softball Champs

The 2016-17 British West Indies Collegiate girls’ softball team who, after beating all their opponents over the three days of competition, including the nail-biting final against Clement Howell ‘Killer Bees’, became the TCI Inter-school Softball Champions 2016-17! In turn, the girls are dedicating their success to the memory of Latrivia Grant who, as a former member of the team, was inspirational to their development and prowess. Well done, Spartan Girls

British West Indies Collegiate softball champions

2014 National Basketball Champions

Attack after attack the Spartans kept the scoreboard ticking over Devonte Smith, Myrohn Pereira and Lawrence ever present in offence. Quinton Higgs was noticeably effective throughout the tournament in the scoring department. The game was always in the control of the collegiate team. Every time HJ Robinson raised their game the Spartans were able to step it up to the next gear, an important attribute to any Championship winning team.