Year 7 Entrance Exams
With Inter-PRIMARY Track and Field now taking place on Saturday 30th March, 2019, we have been obliged to move the date of our Year 7 Entrance Tests to Saturday 23rd March, 2019. 

For  entrance to the British West Indies Collegiate in the Fall of 2020, the entrance exam will be on May 2, 2020. 

The information needed to pre-register your child for the tests is located here. Please do share this information with friends also thinking of enrolling their children in Year 7 at the Collegiate.

Download Year 7 Entrance Exam application


Inter-High School Track & Field, March 2019
We would like to congratulate all our athletes who participated in last weekend’s Inter-High School Track and Field competition.

While the details are still forthcoming, it is obvious that the fantastic achievements – easily twice as good as in any previous year – are the just rewards of all the hard work put in, and of the many early morning practices attended. Very well done to everyone, and a special thank-you to Mr Chapman for his efforts and dedication to getting students to get the best out of themselves.