Yr 6 & Yr 11 Parents’ Evening

News Update

14th November 2017

Yr 6 & Yr 11 Parents’ Evening

Parents and guardians of students in years 6 and 11 will have the opportunity to meet with the teachers of their children in Brayton Hall this Thursday 16th November. Students have received an appointment sheet, with which they should pre-arrange five-minute slots for their parents to speak with teachers. Please ensure that your children know what times are best suited for you! Parents who require longer periods of time to discuss their child’s progress should make daytime appointments with teachers through our school secretary, Ms Bain.

Please note the earlier start time of 5.00pm

Wet Weather

This week has been a very wet one so far, and promises to be wetter still as we are hit by the long belt of rain coming across the Atlantic from Africa. We ask that you remind your child to keep out of the rain as much as possible during break times; and that they bring a change of shirt in case they do get wet moving from class to class.

Do remember that children learn to model the attitudes and behaviours displayed by the adults that they most respect. Our school community can become a more selfLESS body by becoming a less selfISH one. All drivers passing through our gates are asked to RESPECT the 5 mph speed limit – a vehicle with wet brakes needs a greater stopping distance. Finally, once again, I request that all drivers taking the quick drop off lane in the morning move RIGHT TO THE END OF THE CONES before leaving their student passenger(s). Doing this so easily prevents a tailback from forming behind.

Telephone Number

While we continue to await reconnection to the telephone and Internet networks, please take note that we may now be contacted at the following mobile numbers

Ms Shakiera Bain, School Secretary: 232-3331 (office hours only, please)

Mme Sylvie Wigglesworth, Principal: 232-3333 (office hours, and out-of-hours EMERGENCIES only, please)

With best wishes

Anthony Wilkinson, Vice-Principal