April 30, 2021- Week 2 – Group B

This is to remind you all that next week will be WEEK TWO, and only GROUP B students will attend face-to-face classes at school. GROUP A students will remain at home and follow their timetabled classes online.


By 21st May, teachers will have completed their collection of student evidence for evaluation of School Assessed Grades in lieu of IGCSE and AS/A-level examinations, ready for subsequent submission to Cambridge. As such, we are pleased to inform parents of Year 11 and Year 13 students that Friday 21st May will be their last day of required attendance this academic year, in line with customary arrangements for public examination students.

We envisage Year 12 students completing the academic year from that date by advancing studies in preparation for Year 13. More news on this soon.


Releasing Years 11 and 13, having completed their courses of study, allows us to re-assign our largest classroom spaces, while still fulfilling all Covid protocol measures. As such, we shall be delighted to welcome ALL Year 10 students back to full classes from Monday 24th May (i.e. no rota arrangements). Years 7, 8 and 9 will continue with blended learning and attend by weekly rota groups.


Given the ongoing complications and stresses caused by Covid-19, it has been agreed that Year 7 and 8 will not take end-of-year examinations this year. Year 9 students will undergo class-based assessments organised by their teachers. Year 10 will sit a week of more formal one-hour tests in June to evaluate their progress on their IGCSE courses. Details of assessment dates will be forthcoming soon.

Thank you for your understanding and ongoing collaboration.

With best regards,

Mr Anthony Wilkinson