Upcoming Trinity Term – 26th March 2021
Having today reached the end of Hilary Term, here is a recap on details affecting the start of Trinity Term which begins on Monday 12th April (WEEK ONE), as well as outline other items of interest.

1. We will welcome back our younger students, from Years 7, 8, 9 and 10. These students will follow a blended learning programme and will come to school every other week, either in Week 1 or Week 2. These students have been advised already by email as to which week they have been assigned for face-to-face classes. When not in school, they will follow their lessons simultaneously online. Years 7 and 8 students attending school will need to be collected from our campus at 2.10PM.

Details of our Return to School Protocol for junior students were emailed via students last week. These needed to be shared with parents for everybody’s understanding. The reason for this approach is explained in point 6 below.

2. Years 11, 12 and 13 will continue with a full face-to-face timetable, except that from 12th to 16th April Year 11 will have further Mock Exams (‘Minimocks 2’). Years 12 and 13 will have their second round of Mock Exams from 19th to 23rd April. All our Years 11, 12 and 13 students have been emailed their Minimocks 2 examination schedules. When not taking these examinations, the school day for Years 11, 12 and 13 will finish at 2.50PM

We continue to receive information from Cambridge Assessment regarding the production and collection of student evidence in the place of this summer’s cancelled examinations. By May 11th, each student will need to have three items of teacher-supervised work per subject ready to be submitted to Cambridge to substantiate School Assessed Grades. Submissions to Cambridge will then be moderated and certified in the normal way by the examination board before the end of the summer. As such, the examination fees payable to Cambridge are unaffected

3. Mrs Malcolm reminds Year 11 students that earlier this year they were emailed full information regarding entrance to BWIC Sixth Form. Students should check their inbox for the information and application form. If necessary, we will resend

4. Parents interested in applying for their child to join BWIC in Year 7 or Year 10 should contact the Principal, Mrs Wigglesworth, at the earliest opportunity. Her email address is principal@bwic.tc . As foreseen, places for Year 10 are in particularly short supply.

5. We courteously remind everyone that we are bound by the Covid-19 regulations put in place by the TCI Government for everybody’s health and safety. At present, these still prohibit any gathering, such that we cannot even hold a school assembly. Until and unless the spread of Covid is satisfactorily contained and the government regulations change, we regret that we will be unable to host any physical end-of-ceremony or year student celebration.

6. Finally, a reminder that all school communications are important, and are intended to be read and acted upon, as appropriate, by parents and/or students. We try to ensure positive and timely outreach to all members the school community by email and by Facebook, with items of substance also hosted on the BWIC webpage. We encourage all associated with BWIC to view and manage their inbox daily, so that messages are not overlooked or prevented from delivery. Unfortunately, as reported to us automatically by our distribution service, not all our messages to parents are deliverable due to full inboxes or defunct or incorrect email addresses; a good number remain opened and unread.

Thanking you all again for your understanding and collaboration. 
With best regards,

Mr Anthony Wilkinson