TCI’s Basketball National Champions (GO SPARTANS!) arrived safely in Nassau, and played their first game yesterday. Reports indicate they put in a respectable showing, but lost the game 42-21 to Queen’s College (Nassau). Apparently Queen’s College has a student body of 1500, so you can imagine our boys were up against some pretty tough players. Here is a link to the stats for that first game:

They play again tomorrow at 3:00 pm against Temple Christian, another Nassau school of 500. Temple lost their first game also by a score of 41 to 49. Hopefully our boys can push through with a win this time! Either way, this is a great experience for our team to play at an entirely different level of play.

FYI – Clement Howell is also in attendance: their first game was a tough one, which they lost 22-92. Please join me in sending energy to both TCI teams, but of course a little extra to the Spartans!

Thank you to Mrs. Diane Higgs for the updates. We will keep you updated on their success.