PTA – Monday (12th February) from 6.30-7.30 PM

5th February 2018



Thank you to those drivers who took great care to follow the temporary circuit this morning. I need to emphasise, however,  that NOBODY should be parking their vehicle to drop off their child – it causes a hold-up in the line behind, especially when having to reverse out. It helps enormously if your child is ready, with their belongings, to disembark from your vehicle when you do stop. PLEASE remain in your vehicle, drop your child, and drive on out by following the circuit ahead of you.



This morning’s planned meeting was postponed due to lack of quorum. We would like to try an alternative meeting time to gauge whether a later meeting time better serves more interested parents. The PTA will therefore meet next Monday (12th February) from 6.30-7.30 PM, in the school library.



The Year 8 Parents and Teachers Evening will take place as scheduled from 5.00 – 7.30PM on Thursday 8th February.


The Year 9 Parents and Teachers Evening will take place on TUESDAY 13th February.


The PTA will be offering a movie night in Brayton Hall from 3.30pm on Friday. Funds raised will go towards the PTA sixth form scholarship, and basketball court improvements.

With very best wishes,

Anthony Wilkinson