GROUP B FACE TO FACE  April 19, 2021

This is to remind you all that this week, beginning this morning, is WEEK TWO, and only GROUP B students will attend face-to-face classes at school. GROUP A students will remain at home this week and follow their timetabled classes online. Lessons are based on a 40-minute period, with classes from 8.00 AM to 2.10 PM (for Years 7 and 8), or to 2.50 PM (for all other year groups). Group A students need to be in school, ready for lessons, by 7.55 AM. Please do not be late.

Parents – when bringing your child to school in the morning, please respect the 5 MPH speed limit and follow all directions given to you by staff. Please remain in your vehicle at all times. Do not park. Follow the well-marked one-way circuit keeping to a single file, and stop at the Brayton Hall steps to disembark your child. Please have them ready with all belongings to leave your vehicle by themselves quickly and safely, so as not to hold up traffic behind you. As you drive away, please do not take a shortcut between the traffic cones. Follow the one-way circuit around the far tree and on to our exit gate.

School uniform is not expected for the remainder of this academic year. However, your child must be appropriately dressed in clean clothes and safe footwear for school each day. Any child whose dress falls below our standards will be required to be collected and returned home. Please – no beachwear.

Remember that your child may only attend school according to the Covid, hygiene, and social distancing protocols that we have in place. At a bare minimum, your child must have a face mask and bring their own drinking water. They must wash their hands on arriving at school, and throughout the day. They will have their temperature checked regularly. They will have their hands and desks sanitised before the start of every lesson.

Students must come fully equipped for school; this includes their laptop or tablet and charging cable for seamless continuation of their blended learning classes. A hat is a good idea, since the shade is at a premium during breaks because of social distancing.

Should you need to visit the school during the day for any reason, you must telephone to make an appointment (331-3331). We regret that forgotten items, lunches/drinks/snacks may not be dropped off for delivery to your child.

At the end of the day, students should be collected from Brayton Hall steps. Please understand that the only parking available will be along our southern boundary. Again, please remain in your vehicle at all times.

Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.

With best regards,

Mr Anthony Wilkinson