Parent and Teachers’ Association First Monday

News Update, 11th November 2017

Parents and Teachers’  Association

The BWIC PTA held its much-delayed first meeting of the year this week, and discussed an uplifting programme of possible events in support of the school and its students. Any parent/guardian with an interest in the work of the PTA is most welcome to attend its meetings, held at 8.15am in the school library on the first Monday of each month. Please contact Mrs Marie-Claude Joly for more details ( Class delegates will be in contact with parents of all new students very soon.

Post-Hurricane Counselling

An engaging address was given to our students on Wednesday by psychologist and Director of the Ed C Gartland Youth Centre, Roxann Wake-Forbes, in response to youth concerns identified in the aftermath of the recent hurricanes. The British West Indies Collegiate is grateful to Ms Wakes-Forbes for her lively and re-assuring talk, and to Dr Euan Menzies, member of the TCI Education Foundation, for arranging the event.

Yr 6 & Yr 11 Parents’ Evening

Parents and guardians of students in years 6 and 11 will have the opportunity to meet with the teachers of their children in Brayton Hall from 5.30pm next Thursday 16th November. Students will receive an appointment sheet, with which they should pre-arrange five-minute slots for their parents to speak with teachers. Please ensure that your children know what times are best suited for you! Parents who require longer periods of time to discuss their child’s progress should make daytime appointments with teachers through our school secretary, Ms Bain.

Telephone Number

While we continue to await reconnection to the telephone and Internet networks, please take note that we may now be contacted at the following mobile numbers:

Ms Shakiera Bain, School Secretary: 232-3331 (office hours only, please).

Mme Sylvie Wigglesworth, Principal: 232-3333 (office hours, and out-of-hours EMERGENCIES only, please)

Revision for Michaelmas Exams

Students in Years 6, 7, 8 and 9 will receive a document tomorrow giving tips on how to prepare for examinations. This also includes a countdown calendar designed not to cause fear or panic, but to focus the student on arranging an organised, manageable, efficient, and effective period of preparation for these end-of-term assessments

Older students will receive their examination schedule tomorrow. It is expected that they have, by now, their own tried and tested means of personal preparation for examinations. However, any older student wishing to receive the same written advice given to younger students is very welcome to request this from the Vice-Principal

With best wishes

Anthony Wilkinson, Vice-Principal