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World Book Day 2018

World Book Day 2018 Story-telling adventures in Primary Schools! [Meghan Zammit, Maya Lopes-Wilson, Luisa Hegewald, Alexis Anara, Mae Chaplin, Akia Seymour, d’Anne Tennant, Maria Parker-Rauw, Sanne Healy, Will Parrish, Brenten Handfield, Shawn Gardiner. Assisted by Ms Rankin, Lesley Stevenson and Lisa Cavendar]. A group of Year 9Continue Reading

PI Day

PI Day
Pi Day Congratulations to the BWIC students who gave their all for PI Day, 3.14. The BWIC students enjoyed the numerous Pi Day activities organised by the Mathematics Department last Wednesday, March 14. The day culminated with the exciting Pi House Quiz and The Pi Recital, whereContinue Reading

BWIC Track Team Make Us Proud!

BWIC Track Team Make Us Proud! Inter High 2018 was a huge success for the school. The British West Indies Collegiate Track Team finished in 7th place overall, which I am very pleased with, as we performed well against all other schools of a similar size. IContinue Reading

PTA Thank you !

5th March 2018 PTA Fundraising A huge thank you to everyone who attended the recent PTA Poker Night, whether as a participant or as a helper. Around $3000 was raised for the PTA sixth form scholarship fund. We could raise so much more, and organise many moreContinue Reading