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Year 7 Entrance Exam dates

Year 7 Entrance ExamsWith Inter-PRIMARY Track and Field now taking place on Saturday 30th March, 2019, we have been obliged to move the date of our Year 7 Entrance Tests to Saturday 23rd March, 2019.  For  entrance to the British West Indies Collegiate in the Fall of 2020, theContinue Reading

Spring Busy-ness

MOCK EXAMSIt has been a very busy week, with our senior students sitting important mock IGCSE or A-level exams. With one or two exceptions, these are now complete and our teachers will now be feeding back to these students on assessment and with advice for improvement. WORLDContinue Reading

Valentines Day is Jeans Day

Please note that school will close for the half-term holiday at 3.20PM this Friday, and re-open for classes on Monday 25th February.  3.45 PM SCHOOL PICKUPWe politely advise parents that students must be collected from school promptly each afternoon, and before 3.45PM. A number of parents have fallen

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Sports Day Thursday 13

BWIC Sports Day Thursday Dec 13 You are warmly invited to attend the BWIC Sports Day, to be held at the National Stadium this Thursday morning. Apart from the excitement of the athletics events themselves, for which our students have been training hard, there will also be

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Important Traffic Notice

As we attempt to educate parent drivers about our morning traffic circuit for safe student drop-off, it is apparent that there is a need for greater safety awareness in general. This goes for drivers as well as for passengers. For example, in other parts of the worldContinue Reading

Thank You !

Thank You !

A message from Tom McDowell A big “Thank You” to the students, staff and parents of the British West Indies Collegiate for their participation in the International Coastal Clean-up. An investment in all our futures. Photo 9/22/2018, Grace Bay, TCI.

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