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Yr 6 & Yr 11 Parents’ Evening

News Update 14th November 2017 Yr 6 & Yr 11 Parents’ Evening Parents and guardians of students in years 6 and 11 will have the opportunity to meet with the teachers of their children in Brayton Hall this Thursday 16th November. Students have received an appointment sheet, with which

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Parent and Teachers’ Association First Monday

News Update, 11th November 2017 Parents and Teachers’  Association The BWIC PTA held its much-delayed first meeting of the year this week, and discussed an uplifting programme of possible events in support of the school and its students. Any parent/guardian with an interest in the work of the PTA

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Student Council 2017-18

Student Council 2017-18 Head Boy: Darius Coakley (13) - President Head Girl: Arayih Wildish (13) – Vice President Deputy HB: Koji Hartley (12) - Secretary Deputy HG: Chelsea Stubbs (12) - Treasurer Elected Representatives: Yr13: Millie Twigg Yr12: Zelnickia Dickenson Yr11: Rahim Higgs, Carrick Astwood-Tull Yr10: AletriaContinue Reading

Telephone Contacts

1st November 2017 Telephone News Telephone Numbers While we await reconnection to the telephone and Internet networks, please take note that we may now be contacted at the following mobile numbers: Ms Shakiera Bain, School Secretary: 232-3331 (office hours only, please). Mme Sylvie Wigglesworth, Principal: 232-3333 (office hours,

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Year 10 Parent’s Evening

  30th October 2017   YEAR 10 PARENTS’ EVENING There will be a Year 10 Parents’ Evening on Thursday this week (2nd November), from 5.30 to 7.30pm. Students will be issued with appointment sheets to pre-arrange interviews for their parents with teachers.   MORNING TRAFFIC Drivers are reminded of

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Latest News 23rd October 2017 YEARS 12 AND 13 PARENTS EVENING There will be a Years 12 and 13 Parents’ Evening on Thursday this week (26th October), from 5.00 to 7.00pm. Students have been issued with appointment sheets to pre-arrange interviews for their parents with teachers. MORNING

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Morning Traffic

Latest British West Indies Collegiate News 14th October 2017 British West Indies Collegiate student drop-off diagram MORNING TRAFFIC Please remember that we are currently trialing a new student drop-off system in the mornings at British West Indies Collegiate. This was detailed in a letter to you onContinue Reading