Brayton Hall

Brayton Hall

Brayton Hall British West Indies Collegiate


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This spectacular hall stands as a memorial to the late Nancy Brayton Krieble, wife of the late Robert H. Krieble. Mrs. Krieble gave a substantial donation to the TCI Education Foundation that enabled it to commission the construction of the Hall. Mrs. Krieble’s son Frederick, who is a member of the Foundation, also donated a six-figure sum, as did Mark and Barbara Pankhurst, the initiators of Turks & Caicos Friends of the Arts Foundation, a regular user of the Brayton Hall. Other Foundation members contributed large amounts of time in the design, planning and project management of the building and the fitting out of the Hall with state-of-the-art stage lighting, audio system, control booth, and curtaining.

Brayton Hall offers community access to an auditorium ideally suited to amateur dramatics, ceremonies, presentations, and workshops. For futher details about Brayton Hall and how to make bookings for future events, please contact Mr Brentford Handfield, Brayton Hall Manager,