Half Term Holiday & Examinations

21st November 2017


Dear Parent/Guardian,

This is to remind you that our re-scheduled Half Term holiday begins from 3.30pm tomorrow (Wednesday 22nd November). Classes recommence at 7.45am on Monday 27th November.

Examinations for Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 take place from Monday 27th to Wednesday 29th November inclusive. Examinations for all other year will now take place from Monday 11th December to Wednesday 13th December. This is one day earlier, so as to avoid the complications that would otherwise arise because of the absence of a group of student swimmers.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind parents/guardians of the need to collect their children from the Collegiate as promptly as possible at the end of the day. Unless engaged in a school activity, and supervised directly by the teacher in charge of that activity, students are expected to be off campus by 3.45pm. An increased number of students are not being collected until after 5.00pm. On the one hand, it is not fair to require members of our teaching staff to stay beyond their contracted hours to look after these students; on the other, we do not wish to expose any student to the unwelcome experience of being alone on Venetian Road at the end of the day when the evenings are getting darker earlier. We encourage all parents to keep to the signed understanding made when their child joined the Collegiate.


Thank you for your understanding and your kind collaboration.


With best wishes,


Anthony Wilkinson