British West Indies Collegiate has some incredible student kiteboarders

Island Boys
The Juicy Pineapple Blog
June 23. 2015

After a longer-than-intended blogging hiatus, I’m back!!! After some busy days at work, I was lacking the creative juices needed to really give this space the energy it deserves, so rather than force it I decided to honour the place I was in and take a little break. But, it’s good to be back and as I’m about to embark on a summer of ‘off the rock’ adventures so you can look forward to some travel posts over the next few months.But, for today, I have coerced a couple of charming young men from my Year 10 English class into sharing their thoughts on island life.As a teacher I know that a lot of families who are thinking about moving to Provo worry most about the implications of this on their children. So after agreeing to take a break from their hectic schedule of homework, sleep and kiteboarding (though I suspect not in that order of priority!) Mark and Roman are here to give you some insight into what it is really like to be a teenager on a tiny island. Read more