A letter concerning graduation arrangements will be sent out to the email address of Year 11 and Year 13 parents this morning. As a backup, it will also be sent to the email school email addresses of the students concerned
For general information, an extraordinary graduation ceremony, conforming to Covid 19 protocol, will take place at school on Saturday 19th June. Attendance can only be by invitation only, with graduating students limited to a maximum of ten family guests each.

A reminder that ALL Year 10 students will be welcomed back to full classes from Monday 24th May (i.e. no rota arrangements). Years 7, 8, and 9 will continue with blended learning and attend weekly rotation groups until the end of the current academic year, which finishes on Friday 25th June.

You will be aware that all schools take photographs to record daily life, as well as important occasions and accomplishments in and by the school community. Official photographic or video images taken during school are always vetted to ensure they are inoffensive, proper, and fair. Most parents are delighted and proud to see their children in school photography. Even so, we would like to hear from any parent who refuses permission for any individual image of their child to be deliberately taken. In this case, please email a short message stating so to the School Secretary ( Should we not hear from you by the end of today, Friday 14th May, we will assume that your permission has not been withheld.

Thank you to parents for really paying attention to our plea for more considerate driving within school grounds. It makes a very big difference.

We remind you again that students must be picked up promptly in the afternoon. Years 7 and 8 currently finish class at 2.10 PM and should be collected before the older students are released at 2.50 PM. All students should be off campus by 3.30 PM, after which no staff supervision is available.

We are becoming increasingly concerned about the number of students who are not dressing appropriately to attend school. The fact that our Covid 19 protocol currently asks students not to wear uniforms does not permit a free-for-all fashion parade. Student clothing must be conservative and inoffensive, and conform to health and safety expectations. Please: no leggings, no revealing tops, no short or tight shorts, no questionable slogans, no beachwear, no flip-flops; however, this list is not definitive. Please do remind yourselves and your child of the bottom line in our Code of Conduct, and apply common sense: “A high standard of personal appearance is expected at all times”.
The hairstyle should also be simple and in line with our expectations. Those students who wish to dye their hair or grow bangs may only do so, with parental permission, during the summer holiday – not before.
Students who do not meet our standards of dress/appearance will be removed from class.

Thank you for your understanding and ongoing collaboration.
With best regards,
Mr. Anthony Wilkinson, Vice-Principal