11 September 2018

Thank you to all parent drivers for delivering our students to school on time. If you aim to have your child in school before 0745, there is a much better chance of beating the island traffic.


Once through the school gates, you are reminded that we have a 5 mph speed limit in place for the safety of every child. Please be patient and, in the morning, join the queue of vehicles in the circuit down past Brayton Hall, round the tree, and back out. We could keep the queue short if every driver were to pull up PAST the Brayton Hall steps before depositing their student passengers, and if students were ready with their bags to jump out of their vehicle, so as not to hold up the cars behind. Please note that students are NOT to be left at the front of the school or in the staff car park. At the end of the day, the long circuit is not in operation. Please park in the empty bays on the south side of the school – but again, NOT in the staff car park.


Tomorrow, many of our students will be giving prepared speeches to their classmates in a bid to be elected to the Student Council. The first meeting of the council takes place on Friday.


Parents/guardians of students that are new to the Collegiate are reminded that on Tuesday 18th September, beginning at 6.00pm, there will be the opportunity to meet with teachers in Brayton Hall. This is a ‘getting to know you’ social event, not a parent-teacher conference, so academic grades and observations will not be available. The social is for adults only: students should not attend on this occasion.


Finally, each new student has been assigned to a house: either Niña, Pinta, or Santa María (the three ships of Christopher Columbus). House shirts may be purchased from Ms Bain at reception.

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With best regards,

Anthony Wilkinson