Entrance Exam Saturday 21st April

24th January, 2018

Entrance Exam News

Dear parents/guardians,

Those of you with younger children are reminded that, as published in the BWIC 2017-18 calendar, our Entrance Exam is now scheduled to take place earlier than in previous years.

Do take note of the new date: Saturday 21st April. This is in the same week as our annual Open Evening, which will take place on Wednesday 18th April.

We do not issue an Entrance Exam topic sheet or revision list to individuals, nor do we provide information about content to feeder schools. Suffice it to say that, as much as we like them to display factual accuracy and a sound knowledge base appropriate to their school level, we are also interested in seeing how well potential applicants to BWIC can think and explain themselves in the three subject areas assessed: English, Science, and Mathematics, whose tests are tailored to the year group of entry (i.e. Year Six, or Year Seven in September 2018).

Further information about registering for the Entrance Exam may be obtained from the Principal, Mme Sylvie Wigglesworth (principal@bwic.tc), or from the School Secretary, Ms Shakiera Bain (sbain@bwic.tc) : Tel. 232-3331.

The cost of the entrance exam fee for the lower school  is $200, effective September 2017.

This information will also be of interest to parents/guardians of current Year 5 and Year 6 children in the wider community. Please feel free to share.

With very best wishes,

Anthony Wilkinson