End-of-Year Newsletter 29th June 2017

British West Indies Collegiate End-of-Year Newsletter
29th June 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian,

As if you needed any reminder, we have just two more days to go before the end of this school year.

It has been (and continues to be) an extremely busy week for school administration, to ensure that our work is completed and that reports are ready for tomorrow. Students have enjoyed a range of educational activities, especially the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics challenge yesterday, culminating in a competition to see which team could fire a ping pong ball the furthest, and with accuracy, using a catapult built primarily from popsicle sticks, elastic bands, paper clips, and sticky tape.

Today, Mr Fielding has a day of activities planned for our students at the beach. As he detailed in an earlier letter to you, students should be left at the Cultural Market Place, opposite the entrance to Provo Golf Club, in time for activities to commence at 8 o’clock. They should be in beach wear and have with them a hat, a towel, sun block, drinks, and food, or money to buy food from the BBQ stall. Students should be collected from the beach at 2.00pm. Any student not collected by 2.30pm will be taken back to school.

Tomorrow, it is important that all students attend, especially as we have our end-of-year assembly at which certificates and the annual House trophy will be awarded. The day will end with distribution and signing of the school year book, and eager receipt of the end-of-year report for delivery to parents, who should collect their children at 12.40pm.

Our graduation ceremony takes place at 4.00 pm in Brayton Hall on Saturday. This has been preceded already by a warm and touching Valedictory Service, which took place at Paradise Baptist Church last Sunday, at which our graduands gave thanks and honoured those who had supported them through their years of education.

You should know that Mr Fielding will be leaving the Collegiate at the end of this term, to return with his family to the UK. We thank him most sincerely for his dedicated and effective service to the British West Indies Collegiate, and we wish him and his family well for the future. We are currently in the process of appointing a new Head of Physical Education (with Mathematics), and will give further news about this in September.

We also wish Mrs Russell well as she begins her maternity leave. She will return to classes in January; in the meantime, arrangements have been made to cover her classes from among the well-qualified and experienced staff we already have at the Collegiate.

It only remains for me to thank you all for reading the weekly newsletter. The response received from parents has been positive and encouraging, and we shall continue with its publication in September.

Have a happy, enjoyable, and safe summer, wherever that happens to be.With very best wishes,

Anthony Wilkinson