15 June 2020
End-of-Year Book Collection

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The end-of-year book collection will take place on Monday and Tuesday next week, as follows:

MONDAY 22 June
1200-1300 Year 7
1300-1400 Year 8
1400-1500 Year 9

1200-1300 Year 10
1300-1400 Year 11
1400-1500 Years 12 & 13

We ask that students attend only at the above times in order to avoid over-congregation; siblings may, of course, be brought to school at the same time to hand in their books. Books must be taken to each of the student’s subject teachers, who will be waiting in their classrooms.

According to government guidelines, we expect that students and parents attending will maintain the norms of social distancing, and that face masks will be worn.

Parents are courteously reminded that all books must be returned and accounts settled (or agreed with the Principal and Bursar) before Year Reports or transcripts can be issued. As such, the School Office will be open on Monday and Tuesday afternoon for any payments to be made in person to Ms Bain.

British West Indies Collegiate will re-open to students for the new academic year on Wednesday 2nd September.

With best regards,
Mr Anthony Wilkinson Vice-Principal