Christmas News

12th December 2017

Christmas News

Dear students, parents/guardians, teachers, alumni, and friends,

We would like to thank all our students and BWIC staff for their hard work this term. It has certainly been one never to forget after the passage of not one, but two major hurricanes, which left much damage and disruption in their wake. We have all had to make great sacrifices to keep our teaching and learning on track, and I am certain that the end of the term now comes with great relief to us all, with the promise of rest and relaxation in the company of our loved ones.

School finishes at 12.00pm on Friday 15th December. Please be here on time to collect your child, as arrangements are already in place for a large team of workers to move on to our campus almost immediately to tackle the repair of our roofs and general infrastructure. While we expect much of the work to have been completed over the Christmas and New Year break, there will still be much in progress when we return in January. Parts of the school will be closed off to students and visitors due to Health & Safety regulations, and we will need to amend our system for student drop off and collection. In the mornings, drop off will continue by the fast lane – but only at the small entrance between the Library and the Sixth Form Common Room. All other vehicles will need to use the Brayton Hall turnaround. Likewise, at the end of the day, pick up will only be possible from the Brayton Hall steps and the turnaround until the works have been completed.

This past term we have all suffered in different ways, with loss of electricity, Internet, telephone, water, or even our home. As we arrive at a state of normalcy, with the hurricanes left to the past, when we come back to school in January we shall raise the bar by returning to the highest standards of expectation in attendance, punctuality, discipline, and study. Following school policy and the BWIC Code of Conduct, to which all parents and students have signed their written agreement, sanctions will be applied to students who are repeatedly late to school. We urge all drivers to ensure that our students are delivered safely to school before 7.55 AM so that they can register for lessons in time. Arrival at 8.00 AM is late. Likewise, students whose appearance is not correct (dyed hair, incorrect shoes, socks, sweatshirts, or other parts of the uniform) will be asked to change, or to return home to rectify their appearance. Repeated uniform infractions will only attract further sanctions. We thank you ahead of time for your sincere collaboration in support of all our policies, which set our high standards and help make our school the best in these wonderful islands.

Ms Bain works very hard in manning our front desk, and is currently snowed under a pile of lost property. We ask that any student who has lost an item of clothing, a lunch box, water cooler, pencil case, etc. come to the top balcony to check through the lost and found. It might just be there! Ms Bain also has a stock of new school jackets and hoodies for those who wish to keep a little drier and warmer during these winter months. Please contact her regarding such orders or purchases: telephone 232-3331 (office hours only, please), or .

Included with this letter is an update of the school calendar for Hilary term. The calendar contains dates of events as known to us at the time of writing. These may still be subject to minor change; we shall endeavour to advise you of any additions, amendments, and/or deletions through the usual channels: our weekly digital newsletter, distributed by smart phone, and our Facebook page. Should you not be receiving our weekly newsletter, please check your spam settings, that your inbox is not full, or contact us with your verified email address.

You are reminded that only Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 will receive a school report on Friday. Reports for all other year groups will be published in January, along with results of examinations taken this week.

May we take this opportunity to wish everyone in the BWIC family a happy, holy, and safe Christmas, and a wonderful New Year to all. Have a great holiday! We very much look forward to seeing you all back with us on Monday, 8th January.

Yours sincerely,


Mrs Sylvie Wigglesworth                            Mr Anthony Wilkinson

Principal                                                                  Vice-Principal