“Champions are made from something they have deep inside of them – a desire, a dream, a vision” – Mahatma Gandhi

And although over 60 years since the passing of this famous leader the sentiment of the above statement shone through in each member of the Spartans squad this evening……….

Santa Claus needs to remember a bottle of polish when delivering to British West Indies Collegiate as the Spartans brought back the trophy from the National Schools Basketball Championships. Three years since taking over the squad, coach Keith Cox has made history and won one of the most prestigious school sporting events in Turks and Caicos. The tactics deployed were so precise that I was sat watching the game unfold questioning whether Coach Cox had seen the game play prior to the 5pm tip off!
The term Spartan incorporates the feeling of fearlessness and this was absorbed by the whole squad in a performance that their opponents HJ Robinson were unable to match. Spartans were relaxed and focused in the warm up and this helped them settle in the early stages of the first quarter. The ball was handled smoothly and the defense organised and effective with Stuart Ewing set with the challenge of eliminating the HJ Robinson playmaker.

Attack after attack the Spartans kept the scoreboard ticking over Devonte Smith, Myrohn Pereira and Lawrence ever present in offence. Quinton Higgs who has been noticeably effective throughout the tournament was also as reliable as ever in the scoring department. Highlights also included an impressive block by Smith and a perfectly timed three pointer from Myrohn as the buzzer sounded to signal the end of the 2nd quarter.
This report should not be interpreted as a biased account of proceedings HJ Robinson threatened but the game was always in the control of the collegiate team. Every time HJ Robinson raised their game the Spartans were able to step it up to the next gear, an important attribute to any Championship winning team.
Entering the fourth quarter the Spartans led and as of yesterday’s performance against TCIPS the team were able to raise it in the 4th quarter and pulled away from a now deflated HJ Robinson squad. The points kept coming and the scoreline finished 64-53 to the Spartans.

As the buzzer sounded to conclude the game a jubilant collegiate team where justifiably awarded the title of national champions. A title thoroughly deserved through the amount of time and dedication both the coach and squad have spent in the lead up to these championships.

I’m sure all reading this would like to offer their congratulations to the squad in what is a historical event in collegiate sport. The profile of sport and success in national championships is an area I am personally looking to develop further.

Thank you to all that made the trip to witness the events unfold. The team certainly put in an impressive display and the enthusiastic support is sure to have made a difference.

Go Spartans!

Kind regards
Mr Fielding


December 18, 2014, Letter from Mr Thomas Fielding, Head of Physical Education: