As announced last week, Friday 21st May will be the last day of required attendance this academic year for Yr 11 and Yr 13 examination students. Year 12 students will also be released from that date, although they will have work to continue online in preparation for the start of Year 13 classes in September.

Academic grades certified by Cambridge are released online during the summer vacation. Grades for AS and A-level will be made available on 10th August. Grades for IGCSE will be published on 12th August. User names and passwords to access the secure Cambridge website will be made available to qualifying candidates in due course; however, no such access information can be shared with those whose accounts with BWIC are not in good standing. If in any doubt, please contact the school.


A reminder that ALL Year 10 students will be welcomed back to full classes from Monday 24th May (i.e. no rota arrangements). Years 7, 8 and 9 will continue with blended learning and attend by weekly rota groups until the end of the current academic year, which finishes on Friday 25th June.


You will be aware that all schools take photographs to record daily life, as well as important occasions and accomplishments in and by the school community. Official photographic or video images taken in school are always vetted to ensure they are inoffensive, proper, and fair. Most parents are delighted and proud to see their children in school photography. Even so, we would like to hear from any parent who refuses permission for any individual image of their child to be deliberately taken. In this case, please email a short message stating so to the School Secretary ( Should we not hear from you by Friday 14th May, we will assume that your permission has not been withheld.


Parents are reminded that our classes begin at 8.00AM each morning. Students must be on campus, ready for their lessons before 7.55AM; as such, they may start to arrive to school from 7.30AM when our staff are on supervisory duty. 

Unfortunately, we have a number of vehicles arriving on campus just before or after 8.00AM, meaning that the student passengers are already late for class. Regardless of this reality, the drivers of some of these vehicles expose themselves, their passengers, BWIC teachers, students, and other vehicles to extreme danger by entering the campus one-way system at considerable speed. Slow down! The speed limit is 5 MPH for a very good reason. It should be obvious that if your vehicle is throwing up a dust cloud, you are driving too fast. 

Sadly, we also have drivers who ignore the route marked by safety cones in their attempt to get out of the school as quickly as possible. Please complete the entire circuit, for everybody’s safety and to reduce wear on the road surface: tight turns cause potholes.

Please follow all instructions given to you by the teachers on duty, as well as the signs in place. It is the duty of all drivers to keep our campus safe.


Please remember that students must be picked up promptly in the afternoon. Years 7 and 8 currently finish class at 2.10PM and should be collected before the older students are released at 2.50PM. All students should be off campus by 3.30PM, after which no staff supervision is available.

Thank you for your understanding and ongoing collaboration.

With best regards,

Mr Anthony Wilkinson