The first day of our online classes this new academic year has arrived. We warmly welcome all our students, especially those who are just joining the Collegiate.

Classes begin at 0800 this morning, ending at 1300 as per the Government directive; this allows students and staff to review the work of the day, to prepare for the following day, and to address any challenges on a one-to-one basis, as necessary.

A reminder that online learning is formal schooling. Everyday attendance, strict punctuality, and full participation in lessons is required, all of which will be documented for the school record.


During orientation last week, form tutors will have covered an important topic with their students – that of our expectations whilst engaged in online learning. A copy of this protocol will be sent to parents by email this morning. We cannot share the document here or on Facebook, as these platforms only allow image files as attachments. Please look out for the email and the attached protocol, as some parents are finding that our communications end up in their spam/junk folders. This may be avoided if you add us (@bwic.tc) to your email whitelist.


Just to point out that no student will have received a text book and an exercise book for each of the subjects on their timetable. Some departments have opted to have students work only using digital technology and online texts, while others still require their students to make notes or calculations on paper. As courses evolve, further material will also be released to students; this is to be expected especially when students return to school part-time, as indicated tentatively in the Government’s five-phase plan for Providenciales (October 2nd for Years 11, 12, 13; January 4th for younger students). 

A handful of students have still not collected their books from us. This will now have to be done by arrangement with Ms Shakiera Bain, as all visits to the school must be by appointment only for now. 

With best regards,

Mr Anthony Wilkinson