NEW Student drop-off traffic pattern


1st February 2018



Dear parents/guardians,

Work on our main roof is about to start again on Monday, and we shall have workers, materials, scaffolding and machinery on site. This means that we have to take special health and safety measures to protect all those that use our campus whilst preparations for the work, the project itself, and the cleaning up afterwards are in progress.

Access to the administration building will be affected, and will vary as the work progresses. We ask that, when visiting the campus, you be alert to the safety indicators in place. For their own safety, there will be areas of the school that will be closed off to students altogether.

The biggest effect on our operations will be the dropping off of students in the morning. The normal area used for this purpose will be closed. All drivers are asked to proceed towards the Brayton Hall steps to leave their student passengers. It will be vital that the temporary traffic circuit is respected by all, and that no vehicle parks or reverses once in the circuit. A diagram showing the traffic plan is attached.

We very much appreciate your understanding and collaboration.
With very best wishes,

Anthony Wilkinson